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1961 Animal Series of Brochures

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During 1961, along with non-animal-related brochures, Willys Motors produced this series of ads using different animals. It appears they were only produced between January and September of 1961.

January 1961: Dog


February 1961: Busy Bee


March 1961: Horse


April 1961: Lion


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July 1961 Willing Worker Brochure

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I finally found an original of this brochure on eBay, so here it is. It’s another of the “animal series” of brochures that was published in 1961. This is Form DM61-07.

This is the front page.


This form is opened vertically to reveal this page:1961-07-form-61-07-willys-workers-donkey-mule2-lores

The brochure is opened horizontally to reveal this page:1961-07-form-61-07-willys-workers-donkey-mule3-lores

This is the back when unopened:



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April 1961 “To Get The Lion’s Share …” Brochure

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This jeep family brochure is one of that last of the “animal series” that I didn’t own. The brochure includes plugs for Maverick, Hong Kong and Jack Paar Shows. It is Form No. DM61-04.

1961-04-to-get-the-lions-share-brochure1-lores 1961-04-to-get-the-lions-share-brochure2-lores

This is how it looks when fully opened:

This is the back:1961-04-to-get-the-lions-share-brochure4-lores

This is the entire back when opened:


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May 1961 Big Family Brochure Fearing a Bunny Theme

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This May 1961 brochure extolled the virtues of the Jeep Family of vehicles. It is Form No. DM61-05.


This page is 8.5″ x 11″1961-05-big-family-jeep-family-bunnies2-lores

This Page is 17″ x 11″1961-05-big-family-jeep-family-bunnies3-lores


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June 1961 “For Short Hops” Kangaroo Inspired Brochure

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This is one of a collection of brochures I was able to get off of eBay last week. It’s the June 1961 “For Short Hops Or The Long Haul” brochure with images of a kangaroo on it. It’s also a rare jeep family brochure that includes the FJ-3 (later brochures show the FJ-3A, the longer FJ). This is Form No. DM61-06.

1961-06-kangaroo-jeep-family-maverick-brochure1-lores 1961-06-kangaroo-jeep-family-maverick-brochure2-lores

This page is a foldout page of the whole brochure (11″ x 17″):1961-06-kangaroo-jeep-family-maverick-brochure3-lores


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January 1961 Need a Friend Dog Brochure

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This brochure  showed a rare image of the FJ-3 in a jeep family brochure. This is Form No. DM61-01, the kick off of the animal series of brochures.



This page opens up to 17″ x 11″:1961-01-need-a-friend-dog-jeep-family-brochure3-lores


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March 1961 Jeep Family Brochure – Don’t Get Taken For a Ride

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This brochure from March of 1961 discusses the “Complete Line” of Jeeps, but only shows five on the fold out section. This is Form No. DM61-03.
1961-03-jeep-family-brohure-dont-take-ride1 1961-03-jeep-family-brohure-dont-take-ride2 1961-03-jeep-family-brohure-dont-take-ride3 1961-03-jeep-family-brohure-dont-take-ride4

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August 1961 You Can’t Hide From the Facts Hippo? Brochure

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This August 1961 Jeep Family brochure called “You Can’t Hide from the Fact” featured a hippo trying to hide behind a small tree. It’s not clear to me why they used all the cutesy animal references during this time period. This is Form No. DM61-08.

1961-08-jeep-family-tree-pic1 1961-08-jeep-family-tree-pic2 1961-08-jeep-family-tree-pic3 1961-08-jeep-family-tree-pic4

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September 1961 Jeep Family Bear Brochure

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Here’s another 11×17 inch foldout brochure with a “GRIN and BEAR IT” theme. It is Form No DM61-09.


Brochure opens vertically to reveal this page:1961-09-jeep-family-grin-and-bear-it2-lores

Fully opened brochure:


Back of unopened brochure:


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Feb 1961 Busy Bee Equipment Brochure

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This February 1961 mailing brochure marked Form No. DM61-02 highlights the advantages of a jeep. This particular brochure has some wear and a stain, so isn’t an ideal example.

If folded, this was the 8.5″ by 5.5″ front page:


And this the back: 1960-jeep-approved-equip-brochure2

The 8.5″ x 11″ interior: 1960-jeep-approved-equip-brochure3If unfolded all the way, this 17″ x 11″ complete foldout: