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1974 Custom Jeep Lancaster, CA Make Offer

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Thanks to Kelso Bob for sharing this unusual creation. I am curious about how the builder went about the Chassis’ ‘Bomb protection’ strategy. It’s not clear if the $40k is a real price or just a place holder.

“EXCEPTING OFFERS… This 1974 JEEP AMC was the brainchild of a very creative man. (( Firstly You won’t find another one like this on the planet. Just being honest )).
(FIRSTLY) This is the only jeep on the road like this, I repeat the only jeep on the road like this. There is not another on this entire planet, IT WAS BUILT FROM 3 JEEPS, created not purchased. – SHALOW WATER AMPHIBIOUS – RIGHT HAND SIDE DRIVE – SEATS 6 PASSENGERS! – *** SIT ON THE ROOF, GRAB A BEER AND WATCH THE STARS IN THR DESERT *** – Clean title – MUCH BIGGER IN PERSON! SITS 7ft HIGH – Gun racks – Knife Locations – 4WD – 2WD SWITCH – 360 CUBIC “ (5900cc) V8 – 3speed AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – TVs – GPS – HIGH MOUNTED EXHAUST FOR SHALLOW WATER MOVEMENT – “FULLY ENFORCED CHASIS FOR BOMB PROTECTION” OVER 100k went into creating this jeep.”

1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca2 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca3 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca4 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca5

1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca7 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca8 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca9

1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca6 1974-dj5-custom-lancaster-ca10


6 Comments on “1974 Custom Jeep Lancaster, CA Make Offer

  1. Mike

    A military postal Jeep, maybe the Post Office would be interested in this. I’m scratching my head here, no doubt about it unique, but where’s the market? I guess some people just don’t know what to do with their money. AMERICA, what a country…

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Lol. Mike, my first vision when I saw this was picturing an early postal Jeep going from box to box dreaming of its glory days to come. I always like to look at details: Look at the mounting system for the jerry cans. L brackets welded to the cans with socket screws for retention.

  3. Mark

    He did a great job creating this FrankinJeep but I don’t think I could afford the price they will be asking trying to get some of the100K back.

  4. Bob in nc

    He is expecting offers. Come on guys, he is expecting offers from somebody!

    A one of a kind jeep with over $100,000 grand invested. Wow.

    On the other hand if he was accepting offers, someone may offer him say, $5000? At that price, too much for me.

  5. elliot

    needs a revolving 50caliber gun turrent on top. Truth be told, I like it. Not $40,000.00 like, but still a very nice unique build.

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