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February 1955 Kaiser Willys News

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The last of the “Kaiser Willys News” editions. In March 1955 it switched to just “Willys News”.

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5 Comments on “February 1955 Kaiser Willys News

  1. Mike

    This is interesting reading, four Jeeps used to clear snow on Wisconsin lake; reminds me of how the City of Clifton, NJ would check the thickness of the ice skating pond in the early 1960’s by driving a city owed CJ3B over the ice. There was one time this method didn’t work as planed, and the 3B sank through the thin ice. had to call Johnny’s Service Garage to winch it out.

  2. Mike

    The grand prize in the Dealer Derby was a Kaiser Darrin. A Darrin was owned by a local gentleman who lived on Crooks Ave, Paterson, NJ in my neighborhood. In the 1950’s, it was always parked on the street, and then about 1960, it was no longer seen. Rumor had it that he recognized the value of the Darrin and it was hidden away in his basement. Well need I say, that was hard to believe, till one day some 25 years later, (80’s) the house was up for sale, and there it was in the driveway, covered with 25 years of dust. It’s amazing to me how these EWILLYS posts always provoke a story from my past, stories I never forget. Thanks Dave for EWILLYS and making my old age enjoyable.

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