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1943 GPW Randolph, VT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.

(10/24/2019) This is one of the reconditioned jeeps by the Higgins Plastics Company.

“43 Ford GPW WW2 military Jeep…NOTE…Hard top shown in some pics has been removed and replaced with an original windshield….Hard top is not included in the sale (negotiable)…Has very early Willys MB motor….According to the tags, this Jeep was reconditioned in 1945 by ‘Higgins’ company in New Orleans..It is a mix of Ford GPW and Willys MB components….Good candidate for a ‘Motor pool’ restoration, or parade/re-enactment Jeep…Jeep is complete…New front bumper…Body is very solid, but needs some tin work…Not running, motor is soaking, does not turn yet…16″ wheels and very nice NDT tires…$6000…Sold with Bill of Sale, Vermont doesn’t issue titles for older vehicless”
1943-gpw-randolph-vt-9 1943-gpw-randolph-vt2 1943-gpw-randolph-vt3


14 Comments on “1943 GPW Randolph, VT **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    On this one I assumed that the seller evaluated it and found it has more GPW parts than MB parts (or has GPW data tags), but I couldn’t say for sure why the seller identifies this as a GPW.

  2. Mark J

    Higgins in New Orleans was one of the companies that was making PT boats . They also built Landing craft. I saw in something I was reading about the PT’s that at the end of the war they didn’t need anymore so the Government threw them a bone to do Referbs on Jeeps .

  3. Craig/Vermont

    Has ’43 GPW data tags on glove box…GPW head on MB motor, GPW ‘F-GPW’ stamped radiator, ‘F’ bolts on B/O light, MB style frame, and ’45 composite body (body # same month/year as Higgins rebuild tag-March ’45)…It’s a mix of GPW/MB parts and is described as such in my CL ad…PO identified it according to the glove box data plate…And I did too…Craig/owner

  4. Craig/Vermont

    Arctic Top has been original windshield has been installed in it’s place…I made recent changes to craigslist ad…more pics and details have been added…(owner)

  5. Chris Sample

    Seems like a solid original jeep, with a good price, why has it not sold? If it was on the west coast at that price someone would have bought it.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    In fact, I rescheduled for Friday morning with the updated link about an hour ago.

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