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1955 July/Aug Globe-Trotter Magazine

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The is the July/August 1955 issue of Globe-Trotter magazine published by the Willys Export Company.  It is fourteen pages.

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11 Comments on “1955 July/Aug Globe-Trotter Magazine

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, this is so cool. What a great thing to have, glad you were the one that got this.
    Sadly, I’m afraid that unless some dumpster diver resued them Willys Export’s paper assets probably ended up in either a landfill or an incinerator. But you never know, someday something might turn up…

  2. Colin


    I think we can safely say that Willys-Overland Export Corporation was included in the full sale on April 28,1953 of Willys Overland Company to Henry J. Kaiser. The company then became Willys Motors. I have copies of documents announcing the introduction of the Jeep Galas from September, 1959 on Willys-Overland Export Corporation letterhead and nearly identical letters introducing the Jeep Surrey that are on Willys Motors Incorporated letterhead.

    In the Jeep Gala Rental Plan booklet from late 1959, interested parties are invited to arrange a meeting with their Willys Distributor or dealer for information or to write to” Gala Plan, Willys Overland Export Corporation, Toledo, 1 Ohio USA.

    The only apparent reason for the two nearly identical letters is that the Galas were destined for export out of the continental limits of the United States and the those sales were handled by Willys-Overland Export Corporation. Surreys were to be sold inside the continental limits of the USA by Willys Motors, even though the vehicles were, for all intents and purposes, the same vehicles.

    Henry J. Kaiser owned a large interest in the Hilton Hotels in the Hawaiian Islands and other tropical locations, and even though Hawaii became a state in April, 1959, their location, still for sales of the Galas, was handled through Willys-Overland Export Corporation. Willys lost a federal lawsuit in 1950, which required them to drop the Overland name in the United States, however, they were still able to use the Willys-Overland name for export use.

    I don’t know how long Willys-Overland Export Corp. remained in business with that name, but I tend to think that when Willys Motors Inc. became Kaiser Jeep Corporation around 1964 or 65, Willys-Overland Export Corporation then fell under the umbrella of KJC. I could be wrong on this and will fully admit to that if we have further proof.

  3. Buz

    John Conde who worked for AMC did save a lot of Willys paperwork from the dumpster. I had several conversations with him on exactly this topic. He used the material to write several books and he also sold some of the extras at the fall AACA Hershey auto show. Sadly he passed a few years ago, don’t know what became of his collection, I suspect that that literature dealer on ebay who has all the odd and expensive stuff got it.

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    Do you mean Walter Miller? He sent me a response to this question:

    “Thanks for your interest .We have a huge collection which includes some of the Willys factory archives. Unfortunately it is in no order and mixed up with lots of other makes so as we come across it we put it on EBay. If it isn’t listed there is no way we can find any additional items for now . Thanks again Walter Miller”

    So, he may be selling that collection, unfortunately in a piece by piece fashion. I will be out in NY next spring. Maybe there is some way I can do a deal on more of it.

    BTW: he is the one who sold me the above document.

    – Dave

  5. Buz

    Yes, Walter Miller. He also hauls a huge amount of old car literature to the Hershey PA show every fall, it’s next Wed-Sat. That’s when you get a chance to dig through and find great stuff. I wish I had the time to attend this year, but hopefully I can get there next year.

  6. Craig B.

    I bought a bunch of rare FC stuff from John Conde many years ago. He was out in Michigan at the time and advertised in the “Willys News” club newsletter. Sorry to hear of his passing.

  7. Jim

    I have 25 Gobe Trotter Mint condition, would you like to by them?
    Email me back if you do. Give me a price for all. some dates Jan- Feb 1955, May June 1955, July- aug 1955, Vol. VII NO 1, NO 2, NO 3, A SPECIAL Issue Devoted to the Kaiser Family of Industries and others. If you want more information Email me.


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