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1956 Domestic Wagon Brochure Form W-253-6

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This 1956 Wagon brochure Form W-253-6 likely has an export version labeled Form W-253-6X, yet I have had no luck locating it. I expect the export version design will be similar to Form W-250-6X (CJ-5/CJ-6/CJ-3B) and Form W-252-6X (Truck). This brochure opens up to 17″x11″.

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2 Comments on “1956 Domestic Wagon Brochure Form W-253-6

  1. Thomas Martin

    I don’t suppose you know the month or approximate date this would’ve been printed? It’s interesting that the common “high-bar” grill isn’t shown, making me think it’s from the earlier part of 1956.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thomas … I hadn’t caught that. Note that the uncolored wagon just below the red/white wagon on the front page does appear to have the 1956 grille, which makes this stranger.

    This question took some research. In the end, I can’t tell when this brochure was produced. However, it is not the only 1956 brochures with the 1955 (and earlier) grille style.

    Curiously, as early as Feb 1956, Jeep News, on pages six and seven ( featured a truck with the new grille in two different photos. The caption of the 2nd photo notes the truck is being featured in a Jan car show. Given that info, it would seem that the brochure above should have included the new grille. So, there was certainly awareness at the company of the grille change at the beginning of 1956.

    My conclusion about this is that Willys Motors wanted to wait to produced brochures with the grille change until introducing this 1956 brochure, which seems to formally introduced the grille change (though it does not mention the change):

    Anyway, that’s just my best guess.

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