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1946 CJ-2A Lefty? Inchelium, WA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(10/17/2019) This has a driver’s side mounted spare, so might be a lefty body, but the grille is early. It looks like it has a sears top, not a “homemade cab”.

“1946 Willys Jeep, C-J2-A
4 Cycle, 4 Wheel Drive, 3 Speed Manual Transmission
Enclosed Homemade Cab
6′ Snow Plow, vaccum lift blade
New Tires
Collector Plates”

1946-cj2a-inchelium-wa1 1946-cj2a-inchelium-wa2


3 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Lefty? Inchelium, WA $5000

  1. Mark S.

    Wow, a vacuum lift blade, never seen or heard of one. I wonder if you have to wait for vacuum to replenish, or if uses an auxiliary vacuum pump.

  2. Dave from Mn

    Usually the vacuum is provided by a tap on the intake manifold. Valve would turn vacuum on or off or off and allow atmospheric air to enter and blade to lower. Would think that one would want an orifice in vacuum line so as not to stall motor when opening valve.

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