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Jeep-shaped Lighters

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UPDATE: Dennis noted that the was a CJ-5-shaped lighter. I was able to find a picture of one, but it is unclear to me how it works.



Original Post: I just returned from a quick trip to Seattle, so limited updates today.

While there, I picked up three different sizes of Jeep lighters (thanks to Dan)! I plan to keep one of each and will sell some of the others. I tried to price these on eBay, but none of these are currently on eBay.

The largest one is particularly cool (far right). To ignite it, you collapse the steering wheel; the fire shoots out the hood. I’ll get a video of it tomorrow. The smaller ones are surprisingly heavy.

jeep-lighters1 jeep-lighters2 jeep-lighters3

The medium and small jeeps came with refill instructions (both the same). They paper is roughly 4″x4, folded in half. Given “printed in Japan” is on the paper, I imagine the two smaller lighters were produced in Japan.


There’s another, similar version of the smaller jeep lighters above that’s an LRDG jeep model. You can see one pic below and more pics of that jeep here:


The jeep-shaped lighter (and ashtray) I run cross most often for sale is the German Walter Baier type, which apparently was only sold on US Bases in Germany after the war (I have no documentation of that, other than this info was part of an eBay ad). Here’s a good example of the lighter:





9 Comments on “Jeep-shaped Lighters

  1. Dennis in Astoria

    I have the one on the left side of the photo and possibly the middle one. ( In storage in Ohio ) Would have been cool if the box had more information on it. I also have a CJ5-ish version.

  2. Dennis in Astoria

    Brad, I’ve only found one at an antique store about 10 years ago. They were asking close to $600! It stayed in that booth for many years, may even still be there.

    David, I dont recall how the CJ5 one works either at the moment, again in storage. I’m working with someone to start shipping my collection out to me but being my ex I’m not sure how it will go lol.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Brad: I can’t remember if I’ve seen one with a date. Could you send a pic of it to d @ if you have a chance?

    – Dave

  4. Kevin Quast

    I recently acquired a jeep lighter, like the one in the middle. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    I’ve added a photo of the refill instructions that were included with the small and medium lighters (same instructions in both). Given the instructions were printed in Japan, I imagine the two smaller jeeps were also manufactured there. That’s all the info I have on these. Feel free to email me at d @ if you have other questions or would like a high resolution image of the refill instructions (I’ll scan it).

    – Dave

    – Dave

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