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April 1956 Willys News

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Regarding the back page article, it’s a bit hard for me to believe that the motorhome the Murray’s built on a truck chassis (with an inline 6?) was capable of sustained cruising of 70 MPH, especially given that modern interstates had yet to be built (the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956––aka Interstate Highway construction bill––hadn’t yet been passed when this issue of Willys News was published).

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5 Comments on “April 1956 Willys News

  1. Mike

    I enjoyed reading the Dispatcher delivery stories, many drug stores and pizza joints had these in my neck of the woods in north Jersey. I’;m still in a quandary as to why there is a lack of coverage about dealers in the metro NYC NJ area, this would seem to be a big market place considering the large population, yet no mention of sales figures in this region. As a fact. I know Kaiser had a regional office and warehouse in Nyack, NY, (Rockland County) just cross the northern NJ boarder, so the presence was there, just the lack of news and sales figures from tht area.
    Late in the 1960’s, there seemed to be a big push to increase the dealer network, with many established dealerships taking on Jeep as a second tier brand. Even Norman Buick in upscale Westwood, NJ became a Jeep dealer. I realize most readers aren’t interested in this kind of background information, but for me, it’s intriguing. There must of been a reason, I can’t see Kaiser ignoring this, the marketplace was, and is huge.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I can’t explain why there aren’t more info about NJ/NY dealers, but maybe it’s a reflection of the issues that I have (or I lack the ones that also cover those stories). Yeah, that’s likely a reach, but at least it is one possibility.

    These news pieces used to be more prevalent on eBay, but I haven’t seen any for sale in quite a while.

    – Dave

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    The article about the searchlight jeep mentions it has special all terrain tires. It’s a shame we can’t see them better in that photo. I wonder what kind they are.

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