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DJ-3A Hardtop Mount Kisco, NY $375


UPDATE: Price dropped to $300. This looks to be the sliding type, based on the additional pic that shows the handle at the front of the door. Technically, this is the DJ-3A version. The CJ-5 version of the top had windows. But, I believe this would fit a CJ-5.

(07/25/2019) There’s some rust on this top, but I can’t tell how deep it is.

“Rare model jeep postal dispatch DJ3a hardtop, windshield, and doors
Windshield glass perfect, drivers door glass pefect… tailgate glass perfect…. passenger door glass missing and the door itself is a bit rough”




9 Comments on “DJ-3A Hardtop Mount Kisco, NY $375

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Sami,

    This hardtop has dropped off of Craigslist, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it relisted again. I’ve updated the post and will let know of I see it relisted.

    – Dave

  2. Mike

    Once again, I wish this were closer to me, I’d grab it. I have a friend about 75 miles away, he has one of these tops For a CJ5 sitting in his back yard for over 30 years, refuses to sell it. In the meantime, a tree fell on it, miraculously, did very little damage. I’ll never give up trying to get, one day, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

  3. John

    This is my top. I’ve had it listed for a while, in the past I never minded leaving it for sale permanently until someone who needs it can use it. Unfortunately I’ve been told my yard has too much “debris” so this top may end up scrap. I’ll certainly be waiting until the last minute to get rid of it. Probably sometime in the summer. Definitely wouldn’t be by choice

  4. Mike

    John, The current health crisis may have bought us some time to save this top, as I’ve mentioned before, and I’ve exchanged emails with you in the past, I live too far, but consider me as a “taker of last resort”. If this does go Into the summer, most likely will, any body out there in the local NY area that could help John out? Again, maybe form a “Daisy Chain” to bring it farther south Charlotte NC?
    If it comes to it, summer and no takers, and it’s going to scrap, (free for the taking) contact me, and might be able to arrange for shipping. Not trying to be a cheap skate, just a problem of logistics.

  5. John

    I’d be receptive to about anything. I’ll be leaving it for sale until the day it would need to be gotten rid of. At one time I had 5 Jeep fixer-uppers in my yard (not to mention 4 modern Jeeps that get driven daily)

    I can understand where the town (particularly my neighbors) would be concerned for image purposes. So I’ll be cleaning up my best and attempting to hide as opposed to throwing away anything which may work. Oddly enough I’ve always thought I kept everything pretty neat and organized, but as someone stated as a complaint “the local junkyard on the block”. Some people just dont understand the Jeep addiction

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