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1951 CJ-3A Crawler Lakeview, OR $14,000


Lots of custom work.


“What I have for sale is my 1951 Willys Crawler. Here’s the build list… Titled 1951 Jeep CJ3A 3RZ engine, AW4 tranny, NWF Eco Box, Dana 300 with a 4-1 kit Triple Stick shifter. Front axle is a Dana 60 35 spline inner and outers with Yukon slugs 5.38s and a Detroit locker. Rear is a 14 Bolt with Rear Disks 5.38s and a spool Fox Coil overs on all 4 corners Air bumps on the Front with a 3 link. Rear is 4 linked with Trailing arm suspension. Steering is fully Hydraulic using Trail Gear and Eaton parts. Tires are some pretty crappy 38×13.00-16 swampers on stock style wheels (really the only bad thing on it…

No winch will be on it. Nor will the Pitbulls/Iroks that are also pictured. Basically, if I didn’t mention it and you see it in a picture, please ask about it.”


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