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Arps Snow Plow Brochures

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This set of 1957 Arps snow plow brochures sold on eBay this weekend for $12.50. Learn more about Arps/Blackhawk plows here.



2 Comments on “Arps Snow Plow Brochures

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    ARPS was also the company that made the conversions for small tractors to make them “tracked” vehicles like a bulldozer. They made them for Ford 8n…9n…and smaller Allis Chalmers for sure. The kit consisted of metal or metal/rubber tracks that would fit over the rear wheels and then run to “idler” wheels mounted on brackets between the front and rear wheels.
    Still kicking my butt for not bidding higher on a set for an Allis Chalmers at a farm sale up here in Wisconsin several years ago……oh well……I still have my CJ3B if the snow gets deep !!

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