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January 1942 Article From Scientific American “Meet the Jeep”

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UPDATE: Don makes some good points in his comment below as to why there might not be any MBs pictured.

The January 1942 issue of Scientific American included an article titled “Meet the Jeep”, one I’ve been waiting about 7 years to snag. For some reason, though MBs were already being produced, no images of the MB were included. Instead, the first image shows a Ford GP. The second photo shows a Bantam BRC-40 T2E1.

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3 Comments on “January 1942 Article From Scientific American “Meet the Jeep”

  1. Vintage Don

    Dave, when that was written, they didn’t know the difference between an MB or GPW, Willys or Ford built, etc. It was all brand new information, and they were thought of as being totally interchangeable. Given that the article was in the January 1942 issue – and given the lead-times between being written and actually published (which was probably BEFORE Jan. 1st) in all probability Pearl Harbor had not even happened yet when written – we were still “getting ready.” And of course already building tons of war materiel for the Allies under Lend-Lease. There is no statement that infers we are actually AT war yet, when written.

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