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Article and Photos of the Bantam T2E1

UPDATE: An article from 1941 appears to describe the T2E1 Bantams shown in photos below (a few more photos here also). The article describes the rifles as 47mm, while the photo captions correctly describe the rifle as a 37mm. Perhaps the difference is that the article was written in July, while the photos were taken late in August? So, maybe, 47mm rifles might have been initially considered? (47mm anti-tank guns were developed by France as early as 1931)

This article was published July 21, 1941, in the Lansing State Journal out of Michigan:

Clipping from Lansing State Journal -

Posted August of 2018:

“1941 Press Photo John McCloy & C.M. Drury inspect a new gun mounted on a jeep. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “Tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting technique today, John McCloy (left) assistant secretary of way, and C.M. Drury, assistant special weapons–A 37m. anti-tank gun mounted on the famed “jeep” reconnaissance car. U.S. Army land vehiclesPhoto measures 9.5 x 6.5inches. Photo is dated 08-27-1941.”




#2: Originally posted 05/08/2018

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The Bantam BRC-40 T2 & T2E1 and Willys T21

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As part of some research I’m gathering, I ran across the BRC-40 T2 and BRC-40 T2E1, developed in 1941; these are two unusual derivations of the Bantam BRC-40 in Mark Askew’s book, Rare WW2 Jeep book.  So, I did a search online and found a couple images of each gathered by Dave Haugh at the website where you can see all the images he collected.

Here’s an image from of the BRC-40 T2 with the 37MM Gun on it mounted in the middle of the vehicle.

There were some problems with the T2, so they moved the gun to the back for version 1 of T2E1.  I guess the army liked this design better so they developed a 2nd version of the T2E1 where they modified the back.  Below is a picture of that.

There was also a Willys MB version of this called the T21 with the 75mm mounted in the rear (I couldn’t find any pics).

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January 1942 Article From Scientific American “Meet the Jeep”

UPDATE: Don makes some good points in his comment below as to why there might not be any MBs pictured.

The January 1942 issue of Scientific American included an article titled “Meet the Jeep”, one I’ve been waiting about 7 years to snag. For some reason, though MBs were already being produced, no images of the MB were included. Instead, the first image shows a Ford GP. The second photo shows a Bantam BRC-40 T2E1.

1942-01-sceintific-american-meet-the-jeep1-lores 1942-01-sceintific-american-meet-the-jeep2-lores 1942-01-sceintific-american-meet-the-jeep3-lores 1942-01-sceintific-american-meet-the-jeep4-lores

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December 1941 Pop Sci Article on Bantam BRC-40 T2-E1s

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UPDATE: Thanks to Ray (see comments below) for chasing down the origins of this Bantam BRC-40 T2 article. It was published in December of 1941 (pg 75-79, 220) in Popular Science (and possibly Mechanix Magazine) under “Tanks CAN Be Destroyed”. In it the author explores different machinery that can stop a tank. You can see variations from what could be the same photo shoot in this Bantam T2 & T2-E1 post.

To view an electronic version of the article, go here:’s%20mechanized%20columns%22

There are a couple issues of the December 1941 Popular Science magazine on eBay currently: Search for “December 1941 Popular Science” issues on eBay