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Article and Photos of the Bantam T2E1

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UPDATE: This article from August 28, 1941, published in the Daily News (New York City), describes the Bantam BRC-40 T2E1. This is the second generation of of the T2E1, (reportedly, the first generation of the T2E1 had a the full body, which itself was a derivation of the T2, an anti-tank jeep that had the gun between the seats; however, there apparently is some debate on how to define the versions).

Also mentioned below is the Ford Swamp Angel. I’ll have more info on that in an upcoming post.


This is a T2E1 from an angle I’ve never seen. It was published yesterday on the Quest Masters Museum Facebook page:

1941-09-t2e1-bantam-brc40-w 1941-09-t2e1-bantam-brc40


Originally published May 31, 2020:

An article from 1941 appears to describe the T2E1 Bantams shown in photos below (a few more photos here also).  The article describes the rifles as 47mm, while the photo captions correctly describe the rifle as a 37mm. Perhaps the difference is that the article was written in July, while the photos were taken late in August? So, maybe, 47mm rifles might have been initially considered? (47mm anti-tank guns were developed by France as early as 1931)

This article was published July 21, 1941, in the Lansing State Journal out of Michigan:

Clipping from Lansing State Journal -

#1 Originally posted 01/31/2014:

This is likely a reprint, but still a good photo of the Bantam BRC-40 T2E1.



#2 Posted August of 2018:

“1941 Press Photo John McCloy & C.M. Drury inspect a new gun mounted on a jeep. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “Tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting technique today, John McCloy (left) assistant secretary of way, and C.M. Drury, assistant special weapons–A 37m. anti-tank gun mounted on the famed “jeep” reconnaissance car. U.S. Army land vehiclesPhoto measures 9.5 x 6.5inches. Photo is dated 08-27-1941.”




#3: Originally posted 05/08/2018

“1941 Press Photo The Army’s fast “jeep car” with anti-tank gun at Fort Meade. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting techniques at Fort Meade, Maryland, Wednesday, John McCloy, assistant secretary of war, and C.M. Drury, assistant military attache in the Canadian legation, inspected one of the unit’s special weapons. It is the Army’s fast “jeep car,” now equipped with a 37 mm anti-tank gun. United States Army – Equipment – Guns Photo measures 10.25 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 8-28-1941.



#4 Originally posted 03/09/2017:
1941 PRESS PHOTO WWII Army Jeep 37mm Anti Tank Killer Ft Meade MD 3571  Measures 7.5 X 9.5 inches”

1941-06-27-anti-tank-jeep1 1941-06-27-anti-tank-jeep2


#5 Originally posted 08/15/2015:

“1941- Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy inspects T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage, mounted on the Bantam BRC-40 Reconnaissance Car and armed with 37mm anti-tank gun, at Fort Mead. Note: Only 11 of the T21Es Version 3s were reported to have been built.”

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#6 Originally posted 05/16/2014:

“1941 Press Photo Asst Sec of War John McCloy & Major CM Drury & a jeep”





#7 Originally posted 02/19/2014




This article was ALSO published August 28, 1941 in the Daily News (New York City). It must have been published as an earlier or later edition of the same article that was published at the top of this post:




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  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    At the start of World War II the 37m was more powerful then most guns German Tanks. It wasn’t long that it became a underpowered weapon on medium and heavy tanks.

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