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December 1941 Pop Sci Article on Bantam BRC-40 T2E1s

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UPDATE: Originally published on February 02, 2014, the pop sci links no longer work, so I’ve now added the complete scan of the article.

This Bantam BRC-40 T2 article was published in December of 1941 in Popular Science (and possibly Mechanix Magazine) under “Tanks CAN Be Destroyed”. In it the author explores different machinery that can stop a tank. You can see variations from what could be the same photo shoot in this Bantam T2 & T2-E1 post.

1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam1-lores 1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam2-lores 1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam3-lores 1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam4-lores

1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam5-lores 1941-12-popular-science-tanks-can-be-destroyed-bantam6-lores


4 Comments on “December 1941 Pop Sci Article on Bantam BRC-40 T2E1s

  1. Ray Phillips

    I know this post is incredibly old, but I just recently came across your site and have been going back through the old “Unusual” tagged posts. I did some research and found some information on the article. By searching “Hickman Powel magazine” I came across the Zenith City History Archives which had a biography on Mr. Powel. They mentioned that he often wrote for Popular Science Magazine (one of my favorites) in the 1940s. Lucky for us, PopSci has a page where you can search their archives and read old articles. I first searched for the title “Tanks Can Be Destroyed” but nothing showed up. But when I typed in “Land Battleships meet their match” I was rewarded with a link to the original article! The article ran on page 75 of the December, 1941 issue of Popular Science. I should have been a detective! Here’s a link to the archive:

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Beautiful work Ray! I’ll redo this article with the link and the whole pages tonight. I really prefer being able to contextualize articles like this with the publish date, so if anyone wants a copy they know where to get it. I’ll purchase a copy for my records to.


  3. John North Willys

    oh ya – -look at the TIMKEN SPLIT-CASE axles in the front of those buggies — theres a minneapolis moline jeep near my hacienda — its got TIMKEN ALSO !! – i have never had to split one of my TIMKEN axles — WHY ?? — THEY ARE BULLETPROOF !!

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