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Kelly Manufacturing Hub Brochure

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This 8.5″ x 11″ brochure from Kelly Manufacturing is from approximately 1960.

1960-kelly-manufacturing-hubs-brochure1-lores 1960-kelly-manufacturing-hubs-brochure2-lores


2 Comments on “Kelly Manufacturing Hub Brochure

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, I guess we don’t have any numbers of how many hubs each manufacturer sold, either total or broken down by models. (I’m assuming Warn sold the most.) Has anyone tried to estimate numbers?

  2. anonymous

    K=E=L=L=Y <— the mark of EXCELLENCE !! — actually , theres ( 2 ) things I don't like about my KELLY hubs — 1. the dial is exposed to accidental turning by rocks or other objects — 2. the anodized finish on the hub is pretty thin , needs more anodization — some KELLY hubs were chrome plated , but that finish is can corrode and peel also , but sure look SHARP !!

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