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1961 Cutlas Parts & Price List Brochure

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This December 1961 back-to-back brochure shows the parts break-downs and price lists for the early non-slot Cutlas Selective Hub model 100-2 and the Power Lock Hub. See John’s rebuild of the Cutlas Selective Hub here.




4 Comments on “1961 Cutlas Parts & Price List Brochure

  1. David Eilers Post author

    The bearing options aren’t great.
    1) maybe a place like Grainger has something?
    2) it *might* be possible to have a suitable replace made by 3D printing?
    3) perhaps one machined from brass would work?

  2. JohnB

    A few suggestions…
    If you are in a rural area, ask where the farmers go..there must be a local repair shop.
    If you’re in a city, there is usually an industrial area where such businesses tend to congregate…hydraulic and pump shops, heavy equipment dealers, aftermarket truck body dealers, etc. One truck outfitter here also specializes in plows and winches.
    As Dave suggested try Grainger, also Fastenall (a national chain) is a great resource. Here in the Northwest another chain is Tacoma Screw Products. Take what you need to a shop, if they don’t have it, they’ll probably suggest someone down the block.
    If worse comes to worse try a Google search.
    A friend found small rubber washers on Amazon of all places.

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