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May 1951 Jeep-Tractor Farm-Jeep Ad

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This May 1951 AD differs slightly from the April 1951 ad on the CJ-3A page here. So, I’d guess there were at least two version of this ad. The differences are primarily related to minor changes in font sizes and styles, along with a shadow and different tilt of the “Milestones” box on the upper left.



3 Comments on “May 1951 Jeep-Tractor Farm-Jeep Ad

  1. John

    Very interesting to see that Jeep with the headlight and turn signal blanked out. Are they covers or where the light removed all together?

  2. Terry

    I believe, from what I’ve seen in other photos, is that round steel plates were screwed on like the plate that covers the trailer plug hole on early CJ 2As .

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