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October 1960 Jeep News

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This October 1960 issue of Jeep News covers racing, jeeping, dealer news, and auto shows. There are some good pics from 1960’s Hong Kong Autoshow Display. I only wish they were in color!

Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos


4 Comments on “October 1960 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    Page eight mentions a Jeep Surrey being referred to as the “BOSOMOBILE”, not very complementary, if I were the Willys advertising Department, I would have given this a second thought.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The good news for Willys is that the name “bosomobile” never caught on, as a search at revealed no hits.

  3. Colin Peabody

    Sure wish the photos of the Detroit Auto show were in color. Seeing a gold Surrey trimmed in black must have been something to see.

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