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1947 CJ-2A Scranton, PA $1500


Seller says he will not answer questions. Hmm.

“Clean Pennsylvania title! Does not run! Project vehicle! Bring a trailer! If you are not mechanically inclined you better have lots of money! Will not answer questions.”

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6 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Scranton, PA $1500

  1. Mike

    With that kind of attitude and he expects to sell it, is this a new form of negative advertising? Kind of like giving potential buyers the middle finger sign. What ever happened to salesmanship?

  2. Mike

    We say this in NJ all the time, If you know what I mean… On a more serious note, this type of reply was common place in NJ, not what is said, but what IS implied. This phrase became headline news in 1962 when “singing Joe Valachi” testified before a senate committee. From that point on, everybody in NJ was saying it. Aside from it’s connection to the Mafia, (Family) , it is also used as part of doing business in the (you heard it here first) the Vatican, known as ROMANITA, the spirit of influence.
    That is all the soul redeeming news I have for today.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    All I ever learned about the Mafia, Romanita, La Familia, and/or organized crime I learned on TV or in the movies, which means I likely know little that’s correct. So, for me to appropriately manage such a conversation authoritatively is nil impossible.

    At least about jeeps I know a little bit (though sometimes I feel I know less about them the more I learn about them — if that makes any sense), so let’s steer the conversation back to them. Thanks guys!

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