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Sears Deluxe Full and Half Tops McMurray, PA **SOLD**

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This seller has a half and a full top for sale. He’s calling the white full top a Meyer hardtop, but it looks to be an aluminum Deluxe Sears top ($400). The other one is a sears half aluminum top ($325). Both of these tops appear in this vintage Sears ad from the CJ-3B page.

“Aluminum Willys jeep tops. These are 2A/3A tops. Both are in great shape. I decided to go another direction.

1. Meyers Industries full cab and doors. Glass is good in the top but it needs new glass for one of the doors. Rear hatch opens and handles are present. $325.00 sears-full-top-pa
2. Sears deluxe half cab and doors. It has been disassembled and stripped to bare aluminum. I have the hardware to put it back together. It has the side mirror, door handles, and working lock with keys. Windows are plexiglass and could use some cleanup but are usable. I do have the rear panel with window that’s not in the picture. It wasn’t needed to test fit the top. $400.00″


4 Comments on “Sears Deluxe Full and Half Tops McMurray, PA **SOLD**

  1. Terry

    Again, these tops are made by Meyers of Tecumseh, Mich. sold by Sears and other retailers . Meyers is not Meyer of Cleveland, Ohio who made steel tops and snow plows, two different companies . Although people do call them “Sears tops” they are not .

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I guess I do call the CJ-5/DJ-3A tops Koenig-manufactured tops, so it would only be fair to call these Meyers tops. I think these were sold by Allstate, Sears and possibly Montgomery Wards.

    – Dave

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