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1952 CJ-3A? Honda Grandview, TX $3500

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Roger and Blaine both sent me this oddity. At least it has a title 🙂

“1952 willys with honda body Needs little work to get back on road. Super cool and built right. One of a kind. Not a red kneck back yard build. Its done right Motor runs great. I have it hooked to lawn mower can until tank is cleaned. Clear title.”


1952-honda-jeep-grandview-tx1 1952-honda-jeep-grandview-tx2 1952-honda-jeep-grandview-tx3 1952-honda-jeep-grandview-tx4


8 Comments on “1952 CJ-3A? Honda Grandview, TX $3500

  1. Craig in ME

    Maybe not ‘red kneck’, but certainly appears ‘red neck’ to me….it begs the question, ‘Why?’

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Appears to be a pre-CIVIC Honda 600 Coupe in the “Z” series. (The Sport coupe had a different rear hatch). Sad that he cut up such a rare car for that. I remember them being unloaded on S. Post Oak Rd. near my house in Houston in late 1971 for the 72 year model. $1500 for the coupe and $1600 +/- for the Sport. A fellow police buddy in Middletown OH won a yellow 72 Sport in a game show. When in court one day, his fellow officers carried it up the steps of the court house and set it in front of the doors. Not much more of a car than the BMW Isetta.

  3. Blaine

    I gotta chime in here. My brother Brian and I are part of the handful of people that know these cars inside and out, having been owning and working on them professionally starting in 1977. My older brother bought a Coupe new. Combined we have owned somewhere around 30 to 40 cars not including all the parts we also collected along the way. I think we still have about ten cars plus parts.
    The car on the Jeep frame is a 1970 Honda 600 Sedan also known as AN600. The lack of stainless trim along the body crease indicates that it is a 1970. The 600 Coupe also known as AZ600 is the more rounded sporty model with a hatchback. There is no “Sport” model. For those that think there was a “GT”, that was only a dealer installed black or white stripe on the lower body intended for the Coupes but found their way onto Sedans too. Both Sedans and Coupes were two doors with framed windows. There were true Coupes with frameless windows but we didn’t get them in the USA.
    Many of these tiny 1300 plus pound cars were picked up and moved including mine when I was a Senior in High School. Which is how most of the rear bumpers became bent (upward). I still own my Z Coupe which was my first car. Back in the day they were just a cheap throw-away car to most people. Here is a website that has a (vintage internet?) copy of some info and pictures that was published in the late 90’s about this aspect of my Auto Repair Business.

  4. mike

    Great little cars, they just kept running and running, I did some body work on a postal jeep back in the 80’s, and received one of these Hondas as payment.

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