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July 1945 Press Release Photo #10

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This was labeled press photo #10. Like the other press photos, this memorable family picnic photo with the jeep and camper appeared in multiple publications. The marking on the bumper is X32.

1945-07-willys-overland-press-kit-photo10-lores 1945-07-willys-overland-press-kit-photo10-caption-lores


12 Comments on “July 1945 Press Release Photo #10

  1. Barry

    I’ve always had lots of questions about the photo, but do have to say it has to be the first “Jeeps are for fun” promotion.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Chuck & Kurt: I thought it was just straight illegal across the country.

    Barry: That’s a good point.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Well that’s pretty cool! Did your family get a copy of this photo?

    – Dave

  4. JohnB

    X32…the 32nd CJ-2?

    Notice the “Jeep” embossed on the windshield.
    So, they were more worried about building a “brand” than saving tooling cosys.
    Not having my book at hand, did they make any other body mods…IIRC, the Pioneer tools were moved later.

  5. klr

    Yes , I have the original photo. Would love to find a copy of the advertisement for my mom and Uncle . They are 80 and 83 . Unfortunately one uncle has passed away.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    The photo appeared in multiple places.

    Note the photo of the Jeep and camper in the newspaper clipping on this page: that may be from the same photoshoot.

    This publication in 1945 includes a large photo of the picnic:

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