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1963 CJ-5 Powell, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

James has spent quite a bit of time going through the mechanicals on this former Forest Service CJ-5 (no gov plate to confirm this). He’s a got some good history on it and out has a rare Koenig 520 barn door hard top. The 520 model marks it as a “CJ-5 Jiffy Cab”, according to an August 1957 brochure. The “Vertical Rear Doors” were an option that fit all the Koenig full cab models (Super, Standard, and Jiffy models … more on Koenig hardtops here).

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“1963 Kaiser Willys CJ5 Jeep Universal
Must come to Powell, TN for pick up.
$6500 cash only. CASH, nothing else. No trades either.
Clean Tennessee title in my name.

If you are out of state, I will work with you, but I will arrange nothing. You must do all the leg work.

Ok, that’s out of the way. I bought this CJ5 in August of this year. Since the 5th, I have put about 450 hours into it. That’s one benefit of working from home, haha. It is not a restoration. More of a project to make it safe and fun to drive without worrying about it being a trailer queen.

Backstory. The story is that it started life in Arizona has a Forestry Service vehicle. I have nothing to back up this claim except for a few USFS stickers on the inside of the CJ. Then at some point it was sold to a guy who used it as a parade vehicle for his local Ruritan Club and he painted the tub Red. I have no idea where this was but I believe it was in Arizona as well because…The third owner is from Arizona and he bought it from the second owner sometime in the late 90s. He drove it around until he moved to Tennessee.

At this point, sometime around 2007, he parked it in his garage and let it set except for moving it on occasion. During the summer of 2020 he took a job in Chicago and I was put into contact with him and bought it. I am the 4th owner. The CJ was barely running when I bought it and the brakes were shot. The body was good but the floor pans were rotted out. I welded in some new floors and did an OK job of it. I don’t believe the top has ever been removed. It is a Koenig 520 and has a very hard to find set of barn/ambulance doors. 5.38 front and rear gearing and no LSD. Still has front and rear diff tags.

I have a folder and spreadsheet of receipts. It will come with the hub tools. Tires are a few years old but have full M/S tread depth. Just had them rebalanced a few weeks ago.

I have turned just about every bolt on the jeep. It has a ton of new parts. About the only thing I have not touched is the transmission and transfer case. They work 100% as they should, but the do weep gear oil. I rebuilt the Warn lockout hubs. The engine is original and I am 99% certain that it is the factory original F134. It has a Solex carb that I rebuilt. I cruise at 3000 rpm which is about 50 mph on flat roads. The gas gauge and speedometer are currently not working but it gets about 13-14 miles per gallon with the 10 gallon tank.

The frame has no patches on it. It has surface scale but zero through rust.

The brakes and rubber lines have been replaced. 4 new wheel cylinders. New shoes and drums. Master cylinder rebuilt. New parking brake cable and parking brake works as it should. The Ross steering box was taken apart and cleaned out and tightened up. Tie rods and tie rod ends. New drag link parts. New attaching parts for all the steering stuff.

Axles have been torn apart and rebuilt with new seals, bearings, and torqued to spec. Entirely new fuel system with new filters, lines, gas tank, and single action pump. New coolant lines, new coolant, new gaskets new thermostat and new radiator cap. Original radiator, but the prior owner had it recored and it does not leak a drop. The original heater will be included but the core is gone.

Every light works and I have redone the electrical system to include installing a fuse bus, new plugs, new wires, and new coil. New exhaust system along with fiberglass wrap to keep from getting too hot inside the CJ. New exhaust manifold gasket. New shocks, and new spring clips/u bolts. New seats and new seat belts. I have a small box of parts like speedometer cable, original distributor (currently has a electronic one) and etc.

NEW REAR MAIN SEAL. That was a tough one!

Please ask any and all questions via email. At this point I am fairly firm on the price. If you can find a better deal, go for it. Please don’t come here thinking that you can point out a few spots of rust and get it for $2500. That ain’t happening…


5 Comments on “1963 CJ-5 Powell, TN **SOLD**

  1. JamesV

    Dave, thanks for posting my CJ. Everyone, if I sound a little gruff, it is because of the amount of bargain shoppers I get whenever I post anything on craigslist. I also updated the ad to mention that it runs great at 3000 RPM which is right at 50mph on the very few flats we have around here. Also stops in a straight line and it tracks straighter than my 2018 Wrangler lol. I’ll be around if you have any questions!

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I can’t blame you. I recently sold a rare BMW (97 540I Sport) I owned that didn’t run. I sold it as a ‘parts car’ to emphasize that it didn’t run. Wow, did I get some strange inquiries…

    – Dave

  3. John

    Barn door Jeeps make me drool. Can’t understand why it didn’t become more of a “thing” even in the later years. So utilitarian

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dalton,

    Given the seller deleted the craigslist ad, it looks like this jeep sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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