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Baier Jeep Lighters Sold on eBay

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UPDATE: Long story short, I bought the bottom two jeep lighters. The first winner of the auction didn’t pay, so when I saw them re-acutioned, I made sure to snag them. 

This first one is the jeep lighter/ash tray combo and initially sold for $113.50 (plus $12.70 shipping), but the buyer backed out. My purchase price was a little less:

baier-jeep-lighte01 baier-jeep-lighte0 baier-jeep-lighte1 baier-jeep-lighte2

baier-jeep-lighte3 baier-jeep-lighte4 baier-jeep-lighte5 baier-jeep-lighter6

This second is the smaller jeep version with the etched door, without the side bottom and without the Wiesbaden etching on the cowl. It sold for $82.77 initially (plus $10.85 shipping). I bought it for a similar price:

baier-jeep-lighter-4 baier-jeep-lighter-5 baier-jeep-lighter-6 baier-jeep-lighter-7 baier-jeep-lighter-8 baier-jeep-lighter-9


There was another version of the larger lighter made. It had an engraved windshield rather than a plexiglass windshield and the map was engraved on the roof rather than painted/sticker (see ebay for more pics).

It was accompanied by a smaller jeep that was also slightly different. The smaller jeep has Weisebden etched into the cowl and a bottom where the door is usually etched. This is priced at $275, but I was received an unsolicited offer of $225 for both:



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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Mike thanks for the link. I don’t think that item on the top of the jeep should be there? At least, I’ve never seen on with that on it.

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