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1960s Monarch Hydraulic Schematics/Parts Documents

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The following Monarch hydraulic schematics and parts documents were included in the Meyer products binder. Hopefully, they will help someone out when rebuilding one of these units.

1. This first page covers the Monarch Hy-Lo Hydraulic Power Control Type UHT-JA. It is dated August 01, 1959:

1959-08-01-monarch-UHT-JA-1-lores 1959-08-01-monarch-UHT-JA-2-lores

2. The next page covers the Monarch Hy-Lo-Jack Hydraulic Power Control Type HFC-5. It is dated August 01, 1959:

1959-08-01-monarch-hfc-5-1-lores 1959-08-01-monarch-hfc-5-2-lores

3. This page covers the Monarch Hy-Lo-Jack Hydraulic Power Control Type HFC-7. It is dated August 01, 1959: 1959-08-01-monarch-hfc-7-1-lores 1959-08-01-monarch-hfc-7-2-lores

4. Dated May 2nd, 1960, this document covers the Monarch Hydraulic 4-Way Control Valve. It is Form 4-W-60:

1960-05-02-form-4-2-60-monarch-4-way-valve1-lores 1960-05-02-form-4-2-60-monarch-4-way-valve2-lores

5. The final page of this post is the Monarch Type TUL and UHL Parts List document and was printed on a legal-size-length of paper:

1963-07-meyer-monarch-tul-hj-parts-list-1-lores 1963-07-meyer-monarch-tul-hj-parts-list-2-lores


7 Comments on “1960s Monarch Hydraulic Schematics/Parts Documents

  1. Mike

    As I’ve stated before, (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said this) The Monarch Hydraulic pump is my favorite, reliable and easy to work on. I rebuilt one of these on my CJ5 30 years ago, without any experience, took me about an hour to get the job done. Want to add power angle, no problem, just mount another valve on top, less then 10 minutes and you’re done.
    The Monarch setup never failed me over many years of plowing in NJ.
    Just as Arthur Godfrey did, If asked I would endorse this product for FREE, now that’s Quality.

  2. Bingo

    Super duper uber excellent! How’s bout a link to Barry’s pump page? Surprised to find that parts are still available. Curious to know the rating/spec’s for these. ie: GPM/PSI?
    Thx again Dave!

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