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1958 Willys Essential Special Service Tools Brochure

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Miller Manufacturing provided essential special service tools for jeeps. An earlier edition of this brochure from the 1940s can be seen here and for trucks here.

This particular brochure is Form F-741 A and is 10 pages. It was printed in April of 1958 and includes some tool order forms.

1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-02-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-03-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-04-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-05-lores

1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-06-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-07-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-08-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-09-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-10-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-11-lores 1958-04-form-F-741-miller-special-service-tool-12-lores

Here are the pinkish 2-sided order forms:

1958-03-miller-willys-special-tools-order-form-F-730-A-18M-1-lores 1958-03-miller-willys-special-tools-order-form-F-730-A-18M-2-lores


4 Comments on “1958 Willys Essential Special Service Tools Brochure

  1. Mark S.

    I have been to several auto dealership closing auctions and seen modern vehicle specialty tools sold for scrap price. I wonder how many of these jeep tools still exist?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I can tell you that a Brake Adjusting wrench W-213 sold on eBay for $50 recently and there are a couple others for sale. However, it’s not clear to me that any of them were manufacturing by Miller.

    There are some Miller Mfg tools here, but they don’t seem Willys specific:

    – Dave

  3. Bill Norris

    My next door neighbor used to work for Miller Tools. It was since bought out by Bosch. She said once Bosch took over, they had to throw out all their old documentation. She said they had stuff back to the 1940s.


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