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Year? CJ-2A / CJ-2L Wabasha, MN $650

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This looks like one of the lengthen CJ-2As out of the Spokane area.

“Classic Jeep Willys model CJ-3B for parts or a project vehicle. Not sure on the exact year, if you have a trailer come and pick it up.
Don’t know how long it has been at the field edge, doesn’t run.”

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5 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A / CJ-2L Wabasha, MN $650

  1. Terry

    I have a stick shift leaver like the one pictured ( it’s factory ) anyone know it’s application ???

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Which one do you mean? Are you meaning the smaller one that seems near the back between the seats?

  3. Mark S.

    That rear lever is hydraulic release to lower the plow. I think the jeep was lengthened when they installed that cab from a sedan. Jeep has been in the woods for a long time.It has a the master . cylinder relocated to firewall. It has a set of parking lights installed on the windshield, I assume because of the plow mounting, but don’t see any turn signal lever.

  4. Terry

    No, no, no, I mean the shift leaver for the 3 speed T90 , it goes vertical towards the top , unlike most I’ve seen .

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Terry … I see what you mean. I’m guessing someone bent it. I’ve never studied the ‘standard’ bends of a T-90 shifter. Have you ever run across a post/page that discusses it?

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