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February 1962 Issue of Jeep News

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This February 1962 issue of Jeep News includes two good photos on page four of the DJ-3A-based mobile bar that was at the Las Brisas resort in Mexico. I have a color photo of that, too. It might be fun to recreate one of those.

Page three shares a little info on a twenty-eight page dealer booklet entitled, “Your Ten Major Retail Markets”. That’s a book I’ve yet to see anywhere.

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3 Comments on “February 1962 Issue of Jeep News

  1. Mike

    Many New Jersey dealers mentioned in the sales contest story, all of which I am familiar, especially Scheuers, Paterson NJ, just a mile & a half from where I lived in Clifton. Back in the 1960’s I would ride my bicycle along crooks Ave into Paterson just to see what jeeps were sitting in Scheuer’s lot. Always interesting collection of old rusty relics taken in trade for new vehicles. (have a few pics from back then) Scheuer was also a Studebaker dealer, and one of the long, established Willys Jeep dealerships in North Jersey. Oakland Motor Sales, owned by the Ayers Brothers, on Ramapo Valley Rd. in Oakland, was also one of the first Jeep dealers in North Jersey. Made my day to see NJ dealerships mentioned.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’m always amazed at your ability to recall jeep dealerships. By the time I was able to recognize a jeep dealership (age 10 in 1975), they would have been AMC lots with cars and jeeps, so the impact might not have been as great. I can’t recall a single jeep lot in my hometown of Renton, Washington.

    – Dave

  3. Blaine

    I see on page seven a FC170 dually pickup. Now we know at least one was built when new. The picture isn’t good enough to tell for certain but I think the fenders and aprons are diamond plate. Probably built by a company that builds fire truck beds/bodies.

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