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1954 Tractor Field Book Farm Jeep Ad

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This Farm Jeep ad from this 1954 Tractor Field Book Magazine purchased off eBay shows that the Farm Jeep was still being advertised as late at 1954 (though there’s no record any Jeep Tractors were made past 1951). In fact, it’s estimated that in 1954 only 12 Farm Jeeps were produced, and the ones that were made were of the CJ-3B-Farm-Jeep variety rather than the CJ-3A version. This ad below shows the CJ-3B version, serial number prefix 454-GC2.





One comment on “1954 Tractor Field Book Farm Jeep Ad

  1. Barry

    A very rare find. I’m not familiar with the publication and will certainly look for more ads. I am surprised that the PTO was optional, since that was a standard form of farm power.B

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