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1958 Article on the Tulare County Four-Wheel Drive Club

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This December 06, 1958, article in the Tulare Advance Register highlights the Tulare County Four-Wheel Drive Club with pics and text. It’s not a club that I recognize, but the club was pivotal to the formation of the California Association of Jeeps Clubs in 1959 (later known as the California Four Wheel Drive Association). I tried to find a club logo or sticker, but couldn’t locate any example.

Here’s the 1958 article (spliced for easier viewing):








Here’s how the full page article looked:



2 Comments on “1958 Article on the Tulare County Four-Wheel Drive Club

  1. David Eilers Post author


    That area was a hot-bed of jeeps and four wheeling for sure! I wish I had the time to drive around and capture some oral histories from some of the early four-wheelers like your father. During this last decade, the PNW clubs have lost some early members as well. A lot of history went with them (Don Prine is a good example).

    – Dave

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