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1958 Christmas Story of Kaiser’s Pink FC-170

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UPDATE: Here’s an article published December 27, 1958, by the Honolulu Advertiser which tells the story of Henry’s gift to his wife.


Local writer William Drury poked fun at the Kaisers for their pink obsession in this May 31, 1961, column in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:



Originally Published December 24, 2016: In 1958, Henry Kaiser gave his wife Ale a pink FC-170 for Christmas. I tried to find some additional information or photos, but didn’t have any luck.

FC-170 Jeep truck - Xmas gift for Ale Kaiser, 1958

FC-170 Jeep truck – Xmas gift for Ale Kaiser, 1958

A lover of pink, Henry Kaiser also had a colorful boat:


And, of course, a pink wagon and hydroplane:


And, this unique stretched pink wagon:



6 Comments on “1958 Christmas Story of Kaiser’s Pink FC-170

  1. Idaho Todd

    Wow! A…surrey…fc? You never know, looks cool! And another jeep model that would have parts impossible to find 40 years later…

  2. Colin Peabody

    I understand from our Jeepster buddy Randy Spangler, in Honolulu, that pink was Mrs. Kaiser’s favorite color.


  3. Dan B

    There are boxes and boxes of Kaiser material at the Bancroft library at UC Berkeley, including documents and pictures from the pre-Kaiser eras. One day I’ll get over there…

  4. David Eilers Post author


    I didn’t know about the “Marching Flamingos”; very interesting!

    – Dave

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