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2-Inline Raditors on MB Build

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This unusual build appeared in the November 1964 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine. The build has two radiators, built in-line. I figured you all would enjoy this oddity.



4 Comments on “2-Inline Raditors on MB Build

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Certainly a simple ? and straight forward fix to the chronic Ford/Mercury flathead V/8 overheating problem. I suspect it was critical in hot Arizona trail crawling.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Allan, assuming it worked well, it would be a practical, but not pretty, solution.


    my 48 model 4wd willys jeep truck still has the original radiator , same one they used in the ww2 jeeps , the inner one in the picture above , doesnt leak a drop , its 105 here today and no overheat while using it for 4wd farm work , does it get any better than this ? — no …

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