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Finally, All Three Jeeps in the Shop!

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Yesterday, with cold weather arriving soon, I took advantage of a warm, but very windy day, to pull Biscuit off the trailer and put it on the hoist. Now, all three jeeps are in the shop.

But, before we gathered the jeeps, both Ann and her son Daniel, who has been helping us around the property, each took the race jeep for a run in the pasture.

Here I am giving Daniel a ride. Unfortunately, my long legs preclude me from shifting into second gear (that’s how tight it is). Once I fix that, I can go much faster.

Here are some still shots. First up is Ann in the cockpit:

Here’s Daniel just finished with a run around the pasture:2021-11-15-daniel-race-jeep

Ann’s stomach surgery this summer, which as helped her in numerous ways, including solving her several adverse reactions to gluten (unsure why?), has also helped her lose quite a bit of weight. This has helped reduce her over all pain and also allows her to easily fit into the race jeep. Though she didn’t drive too fast, she did have fun racing around our back pasture. Once she gets used to it, I expect she will enjoy racing at a PNW event.

After we got done playing, we began arranging the jeeps. Biscuit is last on the work schedule, so I put it on the lift. Patterson runs, but needs the brake/clutch pivot fixed.


I figure of the three jeeps, Biscuit is last on the list for work. So, we put it on the lift for now.

Here are all three jeeps. the shop is still pretty messy, but I’ll get that taken care of this winter.


Lastly, we have a temporary ‘cushion’ for an old family bench (this was all Ann’s doing). Looks good to me!




4 Comments on “Finally, All Three Jeeps in the Shop!

  1. dummy up

    yer lucky to have 3 jeeps in the shop — my barn has three jeeps in it , 50 wagon 673 , 48 jeepster 327 vette , turbo 350 , ford 9″ and ( 1 ) lonely 53 aero falcon 2door — the rest of the barn space is packed to the rafters with willys jeep kaiser parts — the negative , the cows are out in the weather full time and i have no shop .. a dedicated shop is in the works ,,

  2. Carl

    Great to hear that Ann is doing well. Good health to you both. Thanks for this site!!! I’m slowly grinding through work on my M38 that I found here.

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