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CJ-6 Body and Chopped Meyer Top Great Falls, MT $800


Apparently, the top wasn’t chopped like I previously thought? After looking at this top for comparison, it still looks a little chopped?

If the body is in good shape, this may be worth the price. This is only for the body and hardtop.

“1958 Willy’s Jeep Body and glass only.!!!!!! Started 4″ chop new smoked glass and gaskets $800. No trade’s. Has no Title. No drivers door. Meyer steel top.”



5 Comments on “CJ-6 Body and Chopped Meyer Top Great Falls, MT $800

  1. william shatner

    the modular meyer cj-6 roof is still in uncut condition — P.S. my cj-6 will never be driven again — just back from a 2 day 1000 mile road trip — scored a mint , low mile honda 300 4trax 4wd near monterey — to paraphrase capt kirk — ” to boldly go where no JEEP has gone before ” — its already opened up a new galaxy on the east side of my ranch … LIKE A ****ING MOUNTAIN GOAT !!

  2. william shatner

    sir ? — it does look like the person cut ( chopped ) 4″ from the top — i was referring to the upper roof part of the top , it looked to be uncut — the windows are shorter , windshield shorter — after magnifying the pictures , it looks like a cut near the front part of the upper roof section ? maybe some bondo ? — whatever he did its a shame and a mess — I spotted a meyer cj-6 top several months ago east of portland , ore and that one had damage to the roof area — 20 ? years ago , surplus city in oroville , cal . had a brand new meyer cj-6 top in a crate , they wanted $2500 ? for it , out of my price range at the time …

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Aha … agreed. I misunderstood.

    I’m pretty sure I listed that brand new top, but I can’t find it at the moment. Maybe I am thinking of another one.

    – Dave

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