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Farm Aide Lift Included in a 1947 Willys Ad?

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UPDATE: Several instances of newspapers carrying the ad have been found across the US. They include, Page 5 of the Atlanta Constitution’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3 (thanks John), The San francisco Examiner Sun’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3, and The Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph’s American Weekly Magazine Page 3. So, it was the American Weekly Magazine that printed the ad. Thanks for everyone’s help!


Barry is investigating how a Farm Aide Lift (or what appears to be one) ended up on page 3 in an April 6, 1947, Willys-Overland ad for the Universal Jeep. The biggest question is [ed note: now answered], in what magazine did the ad appear? My guess was that it is some kind of newspaper-related Sunday periodical (such as Parade or The Week). It might have even been a western-US only periodical or ad.

Well, I was right about the Sunday periodical, it was the American Weekly Magazine Page 3, but I was wrong about the regional aspect; it’s clear it was nationwide.

You can Barry’s full post about the topic here:

Here is a closeup of part of the ad (compare it with the  Farm Aide Lift).

This whole ad appeared in the Atlanta Consititution:


Here is the cover of the magazine:



7 Comments on “Farm Aide Lift Included in a 1947 Willys Ad?

  1. Mike

    The fact that it was advertised in the Atlanta newspaper, fine I get it, but how do you explain the color advertisement? This internet stuff gets so dam confusing. If in fact it is the same page, it would be black & white, yes, No? inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Barry

    Thanks for solving the mystery of the ad. I had given up hope. Impressive detective work.
    As always, I’m amazed at your ability to uncover these bits of history.


  3. Mike

    Dave, OK now I understand, thanks, I hate to be a pain by always asking questions, it bugs me when I don’t have answers. So when you take the time and effort to answer my trivial questions, I truly apricate it.

  4. not so green acres

    i have the farm and a 1946 cj-2a farm jeep , but my creek is dry — severe drought — it snowed for christmas — no measurable precipitation since — my well water smells like rotten eggs — i also have a city water pipeline under my property , they charge me big time for water — the glaciers on the stratovolcano above me are melting as i watch , shining in the sun — the glacial water disappears in the talus at the base of the volcano — its going to be a long hot summer ..

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