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Allstate Branded Hubs on eBay

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These hubs have seen some serious wear on their faces. Evidence suggests it was Husky that private labeled this hub for Allstate (more on Husky history here).

What is interesting to me is that the back side of this hub looks identical to the backside of the early Husky, Dualmatic, and Free-Lock hub, too. I don’t have enough information to compared the eternals of each of these, but I suspect that some of the Husky and Dualmatic hubs reflect evolutions (or copies) from the early Free-Lock hub.

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allstate-hubs91 allstate-hubs93 allstate-hubs94

Bottom of an early Husky hub (with more splines, but same underside design with the lock ring):

husky-hubs-ebay husky-hubs-ebay2

This version of the Husky hub, also appears to be identical on the backside (also private labeled with Allstate). See the rebuild of this hub here:



These two-lever Dualmatic hubs also have the same design:

dualmatic-demo-hub1 dualmatic-demo-hub2

As do these later model Bestop-Dualamtic hubs (also called EasyLok hubs) that integrated plastic into the design:

dana-dualmatic-warn-hubs2 dana-dualmatic-warn-hubs4

And, finally, as do the earlier Free-Lock hubs:

free-lock-hub-4rob-2 free-lock-hub-4rob-4

As do, not surprisingly, the Watson hubs, though the underside casting is different around the outer edge:

watson-hubs-2 watson-hubs-3


3 Comments on “Allstate Branded Hubs on eBay


    ALLSTATE ? — heres what you do , buy a 1952 or 1953 SEARS ALLSTATE CAR , basically a Kaiser Henry J , with ALLSTATE STUFF ALL OVER IT , pull the body off , bolt it onto a Kaiser CJ-6 frame , almost the same wheelbase , and then mount these fancy ALLSTATE hubs on the front axle , then you would have something that SEARS + ROEBUCK would be proud of !!

  2. David Eilers Post author


    It wouldn’t surprise me if someone has already tried that!

    – Dave

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