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Jan 1976 Vintage Northeast 4WD Racing Newspaper

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UPDATE: Happy May Day! Below are all the pages from this issue of the newspaper.

This unusual newspaper that popped up on eBay the other day. It was the seventh issue of the Northeast 4WD Racing News. There was no publish date, but one editorial puts this at roughly January 1976. It’s 14 pages published in a full-size newspaper format, so the pics are big! I’d love to see other copies if anyone knows of any (or knows how long this paper lasted).

(The images are extra large to allow folks to read the small text. Click on the image, then most likely you’ll need to click on it again to expand it to full size)

This is the front page:

1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news01 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news02 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news03 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news04

1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news05 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news06 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news07 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news08 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news09 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news10 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news11 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news12 1975-seventh-issue-northeast-4wd-racing-news13

And, the final page (14):





6 Comments on “Jan 1976 Vintage Northeast 4WD Racing Newspaper

  1. steve

    what ever happened to the U.S. Mules guys? Some of their jeeps were featured in 4-wheeler magazine a long long time ago.

  2. Bob

    Steve, not really sure…got out of the racing scene years ago. There sure were a bunch of them though.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bob, do you have any idea regarding how many issues of this newspaper were printed? Someone put extensive work into creating these newspapers.

  4. Cj5racer

    US Mules are still active, some of the Jeep are still racing today, Second and third generation.

  5. Bob

    David, not really. I do remember seeing that paper when I was a kid around the Lisbon races, but could not tell you how many issues they did. I saw it on and off for a couple years I guess.

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