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Roger’s Air-Cooled Engine

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UPDATE: This is not for sale.

Roger shared these pics of an air-cooled engine he has. He showed it off at this year’s Willys Rally. It’s an air-cooled engine with “WILLYS” cast on the valve cover and intended for use as a generator, though he was told it was the same engine used in the M-274 Mule.

2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine2-lores 2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine4-lores 2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine5-lores 2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine6-lores

2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine8-lores 2022-06-04-air-cooled-engine7-lores


2 Comments on “Roger’s Air-Cooled Engine

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Robert,

    This engine isn’t for sale. Roger was just sharing pics as it is a rare one. Sorry for any confusion.

    – Dave

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