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March 1963 Jeep News Front Page **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a reprint of the first page of the March 1963 Jeep News. Notably, it discusses the two main reasons behind the change. 1) Kaiser Jeep was meant to identify the company as ‘one of the growing Kaiser “family of industries”‘. 2) It was meant to align the company with the ‘Jeep’ trademark and insure ‘Jeep’ was applied to the entire line of products around the world.



8 Comments on “March 1963 Jeep News Front Page **SOLD**

  1. barney roos

    has anyone ever done a study on which is rarer ? — a willys utility vehicle with a hurricane f-6 161 or a willys utility vehicle with a 230-6 tornado ? — i would think the willys utility vehicles with a factory hurricane f-161 would be rarer ? — save the hurricanes ! — thank you , i’ll take my answer off the air ..

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I don’t know if anyone has. I certainly can’t answer that question offhand.

    I would imagine the 161s are rarer, as I have seen fewer of those over the years.

    Save’m both!

    – Dave

  3. Dan B.

    Does anyone out there in the Willys world have any articles publications like this on the 1960-1964 Willys Traveller?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Dan, I would think there would have been a Jeep News article on the Traveller, but I’ve yet to see one. I’m still looking for more 1960-196X Jeep news issues. They never seem to be posted to eBay anymore.

    – Dave

  5. colin peabody

    I found a listing from Norton Young for 1954 which I believe is listing the Mod 685 SD(Sedan Delivery) 654 CA2 showing 308 built. The 685 SW(Station wagon) models were the F-161 2 wd models showing 685 SW 654 AA2 with 945 built for 1954, 685 SW 653 AA2 showing 945; for 1953 685 SW 653 AA2 with 7533 built; no model 685 SD; For 1952, Mod 685 SW 652 AA2 3709, no 685 SD; No F-161 models build in 1951.
    Jim Allen in his book titled “Jeep” on page 233, says 723 4×2 Sedan Deliveries with the OHC Tornado were built in 1963; with numbers declining to 19 in 1967. Jim indicates the 2 wd versions did not sell well and management decided to stick with the big sellers, the 4×4 versions of the Wagoneers.

    Best I can do for you Delmar :Barney” Roos!

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