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1962 DJ-3A Convertible Victor, NY $9500


This nice looking convertible DJ-3A looks in good shape, but is missing the soft top parts. This jeep may have been sold in 2019 (it was up for sale at that time with different plates).

The seller notes that this was a  “basic Dispatch” model. Actually is not a basic dispatcher, but rather the Convertible Dispatcher model. It looks in good condition, though it is missing the hubcaps, the soft top, and the soft top equipment.

1962-dj3a-victor-ny1 1962-dj3a-victor-ny2 1962-dj3a-victor-ny3 1962-dj3a-victor-ny4

“1962 Willys Jeep DJ3A: Red w/ Tan interior. Four cylinder 134 engine with three speed transmission (on column). This is a basic “Dispatch” model Jeep that never had a soft or hard top. This is the last year for the use of the Willys name. Drives and shifts smoothly… turns heads wherever it goes! Excellent Condition!.”




9 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Convertible Victor, NY $9500

  1. Terry

    I think this jeep was for sale in 2017 at a way too high price of $10 grand , again it was for sale at a ridiculously high price of $20 grand in 2018 , now he wants $14 k witch is twice what it’s worth .

  2. Joe D

    Yeah, this has been on/off market for quite a long time. Tried several times to get definitive info but inquiries never produced enough to justify an excursion, especially in winter.

  3. Ralph Nader

    excuse me ? – why the gas can mounted on the back ? – on a 2wd ? – thats like having a bomb on the back of your car .

  4. Joe D

    Yeah, sure seems like the same one about which I inquired without success in 2019. I believe the address is different. I wonder if a new owner became disenchanted? I don’t recall the rear mounted gas container…maybe it was added should one want to back into a barrier in DC???? I have three others available in different colors than red.
    Joe D

  5. Tom in Paris

    Purely speculating that the container on the back is being used as the fuel tank. Is there a fuel line running through the bumperette below it?

  6. David Eilers Post author


    It is similar to a 3B windshield. The difference is that instead of the channel across the top for the soft top it has (or should have) twist knobs that attach a convertible soft top (this allows the convertible top to be manually lowered to the back of the jeep). In the case of the above windshield, those knobs have been removed. Here is how the windshield should look:

    – Dave

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