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The Qualls’ Cross Country Adventure Part I

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Randy Qualls is on the left and Carson on the right. Here, they are just entering Arizona.

Randy and his son Carson are currently part way through a cross country trip in two flat fenders. Their journey began a few days ago in Jacksonville, Florida. Their western destination is Ventura, California. From there, they plan to drive back, heading slightly farther north through Utah and Colorado, before angling back south towards Florida. They’ve been documenting their trip on Facebook: P?id=100085873092539

Here are a few pics.

This is a map of their route. They are currently in Arizona driving west along the yellow line.


From Florida, they drove to Alabama, but had a few mechanical issues at one point.


Then on to Mississippi:


They got caught up in some rain, but that didn’t stop them:


Soon, they were in Arkansas (cool stickers ;-)):


Eventually they hit Texas (and likely had good weather from there):


They’ve are equipped to camp at night:


This video shows them near Abo, New Mexico:

Here they are in Winslow, Arizona:

qualls-roadtrip3 qualls-roadtrip2

See Part II Here –>.


9 Comments on “The Qualls’ Cross Country Adventure Part I

  1. John

    That is awesome!! They will be passing right by my parents house when they get to the Missouri/Illinois/Kentucky river crossing. Only 1 way thru that area according to their route. Hopefully I will see them on the road and give them a huge thumbs up! Jealous of them getting to do that!

  2. Will R.

    What a GREAT Father and Son adventure of a lifetime, loads of memories made and smiles to the mile! I look forward to more pictures!

  3. JohnB

    Great trip.
    Great experience.
    I hope the folks you encounter appreciate the special nature, and work, of the trip.
    They will simply see a Jeep and not appreciate the difference from the modern AC and touchscreen equipped Wranglers.

    God speed…and have fun.

  4. Tammy G

    What a wonderful father/son memory being made! Stay safe & enjoy the ride❣️ Love you guys❣️ Aunt Tammy

  5. Cindi C

    We know these two adventurers personally and they are two of the greatest guys you’d ever want to meet. We’ve been following them since day 1 and having a ‘42 flat fender ourselves, we understood and respect the many things that could happen along the way. Wishing them many more great memories made on their way back to the east coast !

  6. April

    I know these fellas pretty good and they are adventurous as they get!!!!! Happy they were able to make this trip because they’ve worked hard on these cool ass Jeeps!
    I’m so very thankful God has watched over ghem through this journey and pray he continues to do so!!!!
    Bring me something back lol 🙂

  7. Randy Qualls

    David, thanks very much for the post, we enjoy your site and have purchased a few jeeps from it over the years. Also, enjoyed your book “Finding Virginia “

  8. Louie larson

    Reminds me of the 2019 convoy from DC to San Fransico that I did in my 1941 Slattgrille.
    3600+ miles not without some issues, broken rear axel, flat tire, bad Rad cap, but great fun.
    Louie Larson

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