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The Qualls’ Roadtrip Part II

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(<– See pics from the westward trip here, Part I)

A few days ago, the intrepid Team Qualls reached the western destination: Ventura, California. This pic celebrates that achievement:


Wasting no time, they turned north along Highway 1, a magnificent coastal drive I’ve had the pleasure of making several times, but never in a topless jeep!



It appears Randy and Carson kept driving north until they crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge. There, they discovered first hand the thick summer fog that often inundates the central coast, turning the weather from warm to near-frigid and the views from beautiful to a grayish-soupy-fog (where I lived in Aptos, California, from 2003-2006, the afternoon fog arrival was a near daily summer event).

Eventually, the pair turned east towards Yosemite National Park. Here are a few pics:



From Yosemite, they will be driving southeast towards Death Valley National Park as they continue to explore the southwest’s geographic wonders….

(See Part III of the road trip –>)


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