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Brook Stevens’ Command Cars

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UPDATE: Here’s an additional photo. It was posted to the Toledo Region History and Memorabilia Facebook Page by Nelson Shaffer, who found the photo at the UAW Local 12 Office in Toledo.



Originally posted April 10, 2019: During WWII Brook Stevens developed a couple different Command Car concepts. All the pics of these can be seen at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s site.

1. The first one is a 6×6 vehicle. It was made into an actual vehicle. I don’t know what happened to it. I’m pretty sure I have a press photo fo this vehicle somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. This very well could be on the same platform as other 6x6s of the era.

1943-05-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior6 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior7 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior8

1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior9 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration1 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration2 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior1 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior2 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior3 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior4

2. This Command Car concept vehicle is shorter than the one above. It seems more focused on carrying people rather than organizing and commanding them. What I thought was interesting about this is that the side seats and rear doors reminded me of a Traveller.1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration1 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration2 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration3 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration4


9 Comments on “Brook Stevens’ Command Cars


    I need one of those to police my neighborhood , they never should have legalized heroin ..

  2. Christopher Doran

    The vehicle on which the concept was built was, in fact, a concept vehicle itself. The Willys MT-Tugg was that 6-wheeled vehicle. There were less than 20 made, and a few still exist. Despite appearing to be from the “jeep” lineage they share only a few pieces with the standard MB/GPW.

  3. JohnB

    Those uniforms aren’t regulation Army…the propeller insignia is Civil Air Patrol emblem, and they have CAP insignia on their collars.
    Notice the two captains have contrasting uniforms…one green with tan, the other tan with green. The Army has similar combinations.
    Nice work on getting a woman in the shots too.

    If the photos were taken in Toledo or Milwaukee, I’d guess the CAP was active doing search and rescue missions on the great lakes. Along the coasts they did anti-submarine patrols, but I don’t think they were worried about subs in Lake Michigan or Erie!

  4. Barney Goodwin

    Much, if not most of the inventory at the JEEP HOUSE museum was on loan and had to be returned to its owner when it closed.

  5. Keith

    Yes, there was an accurate inventory of the material on loan. When Ron S explained to plant Mgr Ed Mercer that more than half the inventory was missing, things didn’t go smoothly. The contract included a clause that determined set prices per photo, to be paid if the photos were not returned. The owners estate asked for payment, Ed refused, and RonS was banned from the plant site.

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