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1953 M-38A1 Union, MO $8480

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UPDATE: Price now $8480.

(01/05/2022) Looks in good shape.

“This is a 1953 Willys military jeep. It is not perfect but has been saved and redone in many areas. Mechanically good it runs and drives. The carburetor has been rebuilt and the jeep has new batteries. The 24 volt military electrical system in intact and most work. An electric fuel pump has been installed. Sure it is old and not a high speed truck. But rolling history in relativly good condition. The jeep is sold with a bill of sale”

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6 Comments on “1953 M-38A1 Union, MO $8480

  1. Mike

    Could use a couple of new seat cushions, Always surprises me when somebody invests time & money in a project then neglects something as simple and reasonable as this.

  2. Mark S.

    I suspect that the military hardtop came originally came with wooden (plywood) doors that have deteriorated, and are long gone. Nice jeep if a title can be obtained.

  3. John G.

    This is local for me so I went and took a look. In addition to ad description following are my observations. Very original. Starts right up with no smoke. Sounds good running/revving. It was almost out of gas so I did NOT drive it. Shifts OK, clutch seems to engage normally. Gas tank looks good, no rust visible, some white powdery oxidation in filler tube. Had a few minor almost drips and wet spots in the normal places underneath, but nothing on the ground. No oil/grease seepage visible at wheels. Original Fuel pump is iffy so they put an electric pump on. Front fenders are very staight underneath for an M38a1 but maybe some body putty used topside to smooth them out. Overall, No Rust through that I could find. Tool box floor better than most, no major rust or rust through. Back floor solid with two small (2″ish) holes cut out just in front of MG plate. Body sound. Battery box floor has rust but not through and seems solid, original battery trays are there. Guages show charge, in the green, oil pressure good. Original Douglas connector wiring, lights don’t work. Tires are Cooper Military with no signs of cracking. Seat bottoms are original spring with metal pan with decent canvas, seat backs are original spring with canvas but need the stuffing and attachment. Usable as is…Maybe. Top is original arctic in great shape with Mfg. tag. (No I didn’t get look close enough to read it (two extra tires, one mounted on m416 wheel are in the back) No Title. Probably needs a thorough going thru but Overall pretty good. Worth $8k….you decide.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    The M38A1 remains the affordable entry Jeep in the military side of the hobby. So many produced in the 50s and later early 60s and in Canada as well as some in Europe. Parts easily available (except for 16″ military rims) in NOS, used and new repro. I agree with John G. that it is probably worth the 8K. But the “No title” issue can often be difficult to overcome in many states. Better to know first hand what you can do in your state before making the purchase.

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