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April 14, 1954 Issue of Kaiser Willys New on eBay

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This is priced at a ridiculous $275, so all I have are the pics from ebay.

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“RARE FIND, an original Kaiser-Willys News……Vol. 1, No. 3, published by the Kaiser-Willys Sales Division, Toledo, OH. Dated April 15, 1954 and featuring Kaiser-Willys automobiles of the era including Kaiser Darrin Sports Car, Kaiser Manhattan, Willys Aero, etc.”






2 Comments on “April 14, 1954 Issue of Kaiser Willys New on eBay

  1. Mike

    This seller is based in Butler NJ, I think there may be a connection to Kantar Auto Products based a few miles away in Booton NJ. Fred Kanter has been selling select Antique car parts for many years, long before it became popular. A local celebrity. He was always high priced going back to the 50’s and was able to command high prices because he knew he was the only place you could find these new parts at the time. Nice guy and good businessman, knows how to made money.

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