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Different Tire/Jerry Can Carriers

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UPDATE II: Another carrier to add to the list thanks to Jim. This was a Husky-built tire and jerry can carrier.



UPDATED October 31, 2019: More Tire and Gas Can carriers have been added to this post.

1. Con-Ferr offered various options in it’s 1970 catalog. A few of the mounts were made and sold by Con-Ferr. The pages also include a Bestop Tire Mount and another example of a Kayline tire mount:

1970-conferr-catalog-pg20 1970-conferr-catalog-pg21

2. This page from the 1970s Brian Chucha Catalog provides additional pics of the Kayline and the Con-Ferr carrier options:


3. Best Top Tire carrier from the late 1970s catalog:


4. Kayline ski and/or luggage Rack.

kayline-ski-luggage-rack-brochure3-lores kayline-ski-luggage-rack-brochure1-lores kayline-ski-luggage-rack-brochure2-lores


Original Post July 2016: Dan asked me a question about tire carriers which led me on a hunt yesterday and produced this post. This is not an exhaustive list of tire carriers, but rather a starting point.

This carrier was available and featured in a 1963 ad in Four Wheeler Magazine:

In 1969, the Wahlborg brothers began to sell this carrier:



In 1969, Kelly Manufacturing (also known for their hardtops and hubs) printed this brochure. It’s similar to the Whitco model, so Whitco and Kelly could have been marketing these to different sides of the country.


Here’s a 1974 brochure from Kelly that shows more details of the RTC-23-5:



In 1971, Kayline advertised this carrier (note the lack of brackets across the back. I’m not sure how the Jerry cans stayed attached.1971-08-fourwheeler-kayline-tire-jerrycan-carrier1

Closeup of ad:

1971-08-fourwheeler-kayline-tire-jerrycan-carrier2By 1973, Kayline had introduced two new designs. The one on the left is called the “TCC Universal”. The second one is shown on the right and called the “TCC Universal B”.

Whitco also manufactured a tire rack, though there is no evidence it could carry gas cans. This came from a mid 1960s Special Equipment book.whitco-tire-jerrycan-carrier-brochure


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    I don’t have any available (I don’t sell these, or anything), but hopefully these give you a better idea of the types of carriers that might be available for sale (or designs to build your own).

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