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Modified Truck on FB

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UPDATE: Dwayne posted some more pics of his truck on Facebook. You can see them below:

This image was posted a few days ago by Dwayne Brown. I am guessing the the back bed is a modified wagon back? It reminds me a little of the “Tender” wagons. Looks like a great rig!

modifed-truck-fb-dwyane-brown-5 modifed-truck-fb-dwyane-brown-7 modifed-truck-fb-dwyane-brown-8



8 Comments on “Modified Truck on FB

  1. SteveK

    I like the looks of it in the one pic provided. I wanted to see more details, but the link goes to something else.

  2. Mike

    A very well done custom build, aside from the bed modification, look at those front fenders, somewhat reminiscent of a reversed GM step side fender. Also, looking at the cab, is that a 3 window style I see? Too bad there’s not more of a description.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    It’s the only pic I could find of it. I just tested the link and it works, but you have to be a member of that FB group (so maybe that was the issue with the link?). Ugh, FB ….

  4. SteveK

    Thanks Dave. I tried it again and still can’t access any pics, and as you said… I am not a FB member, so that may be the issues “for my access”. Beautiful truck!

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Yeah, I’m sure not being an FB member is the reason you can’t access it. I’m not a fan of the total FB walls (Twitter does a better job of allowing folks to see a tweet without being a member). Well, I’m not a fan of FB for multiple reasons, but it’s a necessary evil to do what I do.

    – Dave

  6. SteveK

    With the added pics it is clear that this was a really custom project that came out very detailed and unique.

  7. colin peabody

    That is very nicely done! Those old Jeep cabs needed more room for tall folks! Looks like it might have a LS engine for power. The station wagon tailgate would have looked cool on this, with the body indents to match the side panels. But very cool! I like the color combo. Matches the colors on the new 51 Willys wagon we came to Arizona in 70+ years ago.

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