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1981 Spring & Summer Jeep News

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This 12-page Jeep News issue was a harder one for me to find. It includes a couple advertising inserts as well.

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17 Comments on “1981 Spring & Summer Jeep News

  1. Barney Goodwin

    We have 6 of the Super Jeep Coffee Mugs in our collection in the original box of 6 as they came to the dealer. Also have the Same image on a crock style whiskey jug. Interesting to see the Super Jeep advertising going years after the ’73 oddity. Thanks to this post I can date my mugs and jug.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    We also have the Tonka CJ7 in that ad from Chillicothe Willys, a Chillicothe OH Jeep dealer that closed in the 80s.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I thought that late date for advertising the mugs was strange as well. Just thinking out loud: Maybe someone had a bunch of inventory? I think the design has an almost nostalgic rat fink feel, so perhaps that was part of the mug’s appeal? This may indicate the design easily reached beyond the super jeep itself and more about jeeps-being-super?

    – Dave

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Larry: I’m glad you brought this up, because I haven’t published all of them yet. So, this is some good content to share.

    1) Mine range from 1975 to 1981 and I have 7 or 8 (have to look in my binder);
    2) IF these newsletters were published every six months, that would mean there were around 14 or more? So, that’s my estimate until I can learn more.

    – Dave

  5. Barney Goodwin

    Dave – you make an interesting observation on the mugs, especially when youi look at the details in the drawing – blacked out hood bump and Renegade side hood stripe neither of which I believe were still used in the early 80s.

  6. JohnB

    I wonder if many of the marketing items survive?
    There are a few I’d like….Charlie B, who got me into Jeeps, when I bought my ’77 in 1997, had a ’73 Super Jeep he bought new.
    A few years later, He took it with him to Germany when he was transferred in the Air Force ever he off-foaded with German friends.

    When I see Super Jeep items I think of him.
    I found him a color Super Jeep as which I had framed.

    Anyyway, I love Jeep memorabilia of that era.

  7. JohnB

    There can’t be too many Superjeeps in Germany!
    – Dave

    He brought his home at the end of his tour.
    He kept it until he passed, it went to a family member.
    I suppose it is still in Texas.
    He is shown driving it off-road in a book on Jeep history, apparently, the best color photo the author had of a Super Jeep in action.

  8. Barney Goodwin

    JohnB – In Patrick Foster’s The Story of Jeep on page 147 there’s a b&w photo of the cover of OFF ROAD VEHICLES magazine with what you describe on the cover of it: someone driving a 73 Super Jeep up a grade. You won’t be able to tell who it is probably because they left the top buttoned up on it (which I thought was strange). I’m sure the original magazine photo was in color.

  9. David Eilers Post author


    Oops, I misread it. I thought you meant he sold it to friends before leaving. Thanks for correcting me,

    – Dave

  10. JohnB


    I’m sure that’s likely the photo, but the book I was referring to is “Jeep Color History” by Steve Statham, MBI 1999.

    On page 93 is a 2/3 page photo of Charlie’s SJ climbing a muddy, rocky grade. As you say the top is up, but it is him based on his uniform of him always wearing a black T-shirt.

    When I knew him, I don’t think he ever had the top on his Jeep. (He also had a CJ-8 someone had professionally prepared for Baja-type racing). He restored my Levis ’77 V-8 CJ-5, which I used as a daily driver for about seven years. It was the cleanest Jeep in town and it annoyed him I never took it off road as nature intended.

  11. Barney Goodwin

    JohnB – Thanks for the story! The other interesting thing about the photo is the tires. They were white wall bias ply street tires, whereas the tires that came with the Super were white wall GY Suburbanite H78-15s. Makes you wonder how that came about. Even with them spinning in the dirt you could tell.

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